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“I Can No Longer Afford School…”

10-year-old Sinxay from Laos is the youngest child in her family. Her dream is to be a teacher and she is studying hard to achieve this goal.
But by a quirk of fate, her parents have fallen into financial difficulties since they cannot travel to work in the banana farm under the COVID-19 lockdown. Facing the shockingly high materials and tuition fees of US$150 (around HKD$1,200) per head, Sinxay’s parents had to sacrifice the education of their eldest daughter so that the younger sisters can stay in school until they reach a higher grade.

Sinxay receives a scholarship from Plan International which relieves her family’s financial pressure. Now she is studying to catch her dream.


Lunar New Year is approaching. Let’s send girls a ‘Red Packet’ so that they can alter their lives and build a better future.
Details of the project are as follows:

  • Donate HK$100: Support a girl’s education for a month

  • Donate HK$500: Provide 2 families (consist of 4-5 members each) with a 20-25 days food basket

  • Donate HK$1,250: Support a girl’s education for a year

  • Donate HK$2,000: Provide a family (consist of 4-5 members each) with half-year food basket

Allocation of donations
Plan International will allocate donations for designated projects in accordance with the donor’s intent. However, when the designated project is fully funded, additional donations will be used where needed most for more efficient use of resources without prior notice.