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Plan with Children
Monthly Donation

With just HK$2 a day, join as a member of “Plan with Children”

Create a better environment for children around the world to grow up in

Children's rights and interests will be promoted in different directions according to the development levels, needs and geographical factors of every child so that they can enjoy their basic rights and live healthily and happily.

Our work
Developing Countries
Early childhood Development
Ending Violence
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Skills and Decent Work
Young People Driving Change
Emergency Relief Project
Child Abuse Prevention
Establish and Promote Child Safeguarding Policy
Public Education and Advocacy
Empower Children and Youth to Drive Change
Promote the Interests of Ethnic Minorities
Support Disadvantaged Children and Youth
Emergency Relief Project

 Improve children’s lives by joining “Plan with Children”! 

Funds raised from “Plan with Children” will be used to assist children in need in both developing countries and Hong Kong to improve their lives at the levels of community development, education, policy-making and advocacy, emergency relief, etc. so that children are no longer in starvation, have shelters, can receive education, acquire skills, develop their potentials and participate in activities that matter to them.

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*If you choose to be monthly donor, please be noted that the donation will be automatically deducted from your credit card every month.